Free leg vein ultrasound screenings

Miller Vein

1040 N. Monroe St.
Monroe, MI 48161

Free leg vein ultrasound screenings are available through the end of February at Miller Vein, which recently opened an office at 1040 N. Monroe St.

Screenings also will be given at the Dearborn and Troy locations.

Miller Vein opened in 206.

Jeffrey H.
Miller, M.D., founder of Miller Vein, says, "Many people are unaware that
they have a medical problem that can be easily treated and is often covered
by insurance. 
We are really trying to get the public informed about varicose veins and
related symptoms."

Symptoms of leg vein problems include pain, aching, heaviness or swelling in legs; fatigue; itchy veins; varicose veins; night cramps; restless legs, and non-healing ulcers.

In-office, non-invasive treatment procedures are available.

For a free screening, call (248) 247-7920.

Thursday, 31 January, 2013

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Phone: (248) 247-7920